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To My Daughter Best Daughter Ever Necklace I Love You Forever Necklace Gift from Dad

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Lasting Stars (TM) Silver-Plated Necklace Pendant Happy Birthday Gift for Daughter from Dad

"To My Daughter, Best Daughter Ever, I Love You Forever, Love, Dad."

 Surprise Your Daughter with this beautiful 1-inch necklace.

 Unique designed, copyrighted and sold exclusively by First-Rate Gifts.

 This is a great gift to show your love to her for birthday, Christmas, New Year or any occasion.

 High-quality 22-inch silver-plated thin necklace chain. UV Resistant. Water Resistant.

 Handmade in the USA. Every purchase helps support local jobs. All of our items are custom-made, and most are even handmade.

 A custom hardened resin insert is placed on top of the pendant to give it the highest quality color vibrancy in the necklace possible.

 The design itself is printed with the highest quality sublimation printers and inks available, then handmade into a beautiful necklace.

 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: For any possible defective products, simply contact us and we will offer you a replacement or refund.

 Please allow 2 weeks or more to receive it.


Note: The core metal of the necklace is zinc alloy that is then wrapped in a gold plating. Since the core of the pendant is zinc alloy it doesn't have a karat rating. The gold plating is 0.2 millimeters thick to ensure a beautiful, lustrous, and shine.

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